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Apr 22, 2017
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Tagged by the Tresh Squads 2k17

Thu Apr 13, 2017, 9:09 PM

[Black Cat's Atelier (Commission Info)]

I am a Tresh Squad member, and I am proud of it.
But...*slapped with tags* Ow!
So much tagging. Ow... My head. Is this tagging season now?

Well, the culprit of these taggings are
Youkai-Minori, phinebob, YokoAnashiwa and Reyleki.

As usual, posting these rules. But... Officer Nick Wilde - Icon 


Anyways. :


  • Write the rules 
  • Write 13 things about yourself 
  • Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions
  • Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged
  • Don't say ''You're tagged if you read this"
  • It is forbidden not to tag anyone 
  • Tag backs are allowed
  • If you don't make this tag in a week, you need to obey a wish of the person who tags you!

Moon Phase Divider by crowmap

Urghh..... More.... 13 facts.... of Me.

  • I'm a gurllll..... I have smol bewbs after all
  • I'm so short.... Like in 140 cm lately.
  • Sid Story is my drug. Like you can play it in your mobile everyday. Still in Shota Hunting. That's because he's a 5 star character.
  • I am recently sank into Bendy Ink Hell. Will play the whole chapter one in like this weekend. At night.
  • I might record my voice, so you guys can hear my screams and cursing. Yay.
  • I got tanned recently thanks to the weekend swim class. I'm not a pale ghost anymore.
  • Oh, yes. Repeat those Bendy remix tunes~ When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon) 
  • I have been with my boyfriend for like 1 and half year. He's still dreamy~!
  • Hidden Object games are fun. But... you have to be like raise your monitor brightness up to maximum.
  • Just to search on that teeny tiny item.
  • And then the hint shows the obvious thing THAT'S FRICKING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!
  • Anyways, I've been planning to do a webcomic series. "Ad Astra" Is the name. It is the sequel of the Counting Stars comic. Available in my gallery folder and SmackJeeves. Here's the link :

  • Last but not least. After the series of procrastinations, I decided to release it in around Late April or Early May. Just mark yer calender.

Now the questions begin.

Poff's (Youkai-Minori) Questions :

1. Do you like tags
- I do. Thank you very much. (Sarcasm)

2. Favorite FE character (2hu character if you dont play FE)
- Hmmm.... Clownpiece?

3. Best unit is heroes (Best player character in Touhou)
- Marise Krismas

4. Have you heard of Heathers the Musical
- If it wasn't you fangirling about it, I did not heard it. Otherwise yes.

5. (If yes) Who's ur favorite character

- JD? Cause he looks edgy af.

6. (If yes) What's your favorite song in the musical
- Not sure yet.


8. Ur favorite OC/FC of mine
- Hmmm... Tough choice. I guess it's Karia. Or Rurika.

9. Pls clik me eggs
- Donnerino

10. I'm running out of questions
- Ummm... We are number one? Robbie Rotten Intensifies 

11. Oh no, im ded, what do
- *sends you to Rei.* There.

- Maybe?

13. Pugi
- Poi~? Speaking of Rei,

Rei's (Reyleki) Questions :

1. Have you wanted to do animations
- Sometimes. Back when I was in Grade 5 (2007). And that's if I am not lazy.

2. Do you like sunflower seeds as a food
- Maybe...?

3. If you have the power to copy someone's talent, whose and what will it be
- Not sure.

4. What/How would it be if discordapp didn't exist
- Either back to the Raidcall or Line. Also, Amino's existed.

5. Whose your favorite OC of mine         wait,,,,,,
- Reki plz

6. I'm honestly running out of questions
- Good.

7. Can you imagine in a world where there's only one gender
- Yaoi everywhere. But... what about breeding? This ain't omegaverse. And Humans will die faster. Same goes to Yuri route.

8. Ask your pet a question about their lives, and if you don't have a pet, make someone as your pet in discord,
willingly, and ask them the question
- Whatever,

9. If you can teleport, where will you teleport to
- Let's see. My Boyfie's house~ Or Singapore.

10. If you can fly, where will you fly to
- Same answer as above~ ^

11. Is it possible to speak instruments (any)
- Depending the melody of tone. Trust me, I am a former violinist.

12. Can you see? The sun is shining on me, it make me feel so free, so alive, it makes me want to survive, and the sky, it makes me feel so high, the bad times pass me by, cause today, is gonna be a brighter day, CAN YOU FEEL THE..

13. memes
- Are DNA of the souls.

Bawb's (Phinebob) Questions :

[0]= What games do you like?
- I like all types of games. Even maybe NSFW games.

[1]= What is your orientation? and i don't mean sexual orientation here.
- S.T.R.A.I.G.H.T.

[2]= Favorite color?
- Black. Cause I am edgy.

[3]= What would you do if you suddenly receive a brown packet from an unknown sender?
- Inspect the packet. And then throw em away.

[4]= What are your waifus/husbandos? it's okay if you have more than one, either pick one or list all of them.
  • AvalonianSky (My 3D husbando)
  • Kitahara Hakushuu (BunAl)
  • Heo Jun (Sid Story)
  • Ichimatsu (Osomatsu-san)

[5]= How do you manage your time? or do you don't?
- I used to use a To-Do list app called It got simple UI. I should reuse them more.

[6]= I'm gonna take a page out of Ikaraide here; Please show us your favorite OC's, if you have any.
- Among the cast of newer characters of Ad Astra, Derek Grayson is my fave. What a nerd. You won't believe he is the chief police after all.

[AD ASTRA] Marco and Derek by blackcatofvoid
(Derek is on the right side)

[7]= What is currently on top of your desk/bed/floor, excluding your computer?
- Let's see... An unused CPU, my cellphone, my water bottle and a cup of tea.

[8]= you woke up one day and look out through the mirror to see that oh no the zombie apocalypse happened. What would you do?
- Ded.

[9]= If you could have one weapon in any franchise, even real life, what would you choose?
- Not so sure.

[10]= And this is where i ran out of questions to ask.

[11]= Would you want a cup of tea?
- No thanks I already had mine.

[12]= Memes?
Idubbbztv I'm Gay Filthy Frank Welcome To The Rice Fields 

Adam's (YokoAnashiwa) Questions :

1. If you had the chance to meet a Touhou character of your choosing, which one will it be?
- Clownpiece

2. Do you like plush toys?
- I still have my white teddybear plushie in my room. And I love it.

3. Do you like Walfas edits?
- Yeah. After all, I pioneered the Walfs thing fully.

4. What's your least favourite school subject? Or the one you did the worst in?

5. If you could choose between being an amazing artist and a great programmer, which would you choose?
- I rather be an artist, thank you.

6. If you had the chance to call any celebrity, who would it be and what would you say to him?
- No idea yet.

7. If I handed you over $20, what would you buy?
- Foood~ :3c

8. What characters do you think will appear in the new Touhou game?
- Since I sorta predict Clowns would appear in Touhou Games, why not Lovecraftian monsters and Cthulhu-chan~? :D

9. Would you live in Gensokyo?
- Nah. Outside world is beautiful enough.

10. Pick one: dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate
- Milk Chocolate.

11. What do you miss about 2016?
- Literally none.

12. What's the worst meme you've ever seen and how would you change it to make it better?
- Since I'm used to Filthy Frank stuff, nothing.

13. If you could be the villain of any horror movie, who would you be?
- I'll pass.

Moon Phase Divider by crowmap

No Questions and Taggings. You can go home now.

This sale is closed! Please go here if you want to commission me :

Black Cat's AtelierCommission Slot : (1/3) available

Hello there. Rebbem's here. Exactly as the tin said, I am opening an anime styled commission. The commission type I'll be taking is DoodlesChibi, Illustration and Group/Couple.
Compare to Illustration, Doodles are drawn in a relatively simple style. Mostly done in CG-shaded style and no excessive Photoshop sfx. You may pick a colour scheme for the first option doodle.
Chibi is drawn in a cute, super-deformed figure.
Illustration is the most flexible one among my commissions. You can order anything, from fan art to original character artwork. As long as it doesn't violate with my "No" point. From a waist-up picture of a character to some characters ready to face the challenge. And this is where the detailed background add-on are available.
Group/Couple ar

Meanwhile, I'll be using this journal for future sales. Thank you~

[EDIT 29/12/2016]

Kiriban prize uploaded

[KiriPrize] - Youkai-Minori by blackcatofvoid

66,666 Pageviews have reached! The winner is :iconyoukai-minori:

(Screenshot by Youkai-Minori)

Thanks for participating~ See ya in the future more kiriban.
Aim for the 66,666 Pageviews for a demonic related art request/trade. Simply send a note with the 66,666 pageviews in the screenshot. MAKE SURE it is truly hit in 66,666. Otherwise, you miss your chance mate.

Yes :
Cat Bullet Black Demon-related/Demon OCs (Humanoid only)
Cat Bullet Black Couples (Yaoi/ Yuri /Hetero)
Cat Bullet Black Fan Art (Demons/Demon-related only)

No :
Cat Bullet Black 
Cat Bullet Black NSFW

Thank you for your time~ Fuzzydemon 

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